We’re so busy crafting websites and apps for our awesome clients that we don’t have time to make the beautiful portfolio we want to see at this URL. Please come back later, or like our Facebook page to get the news.

But surely you must be wondering : what are we up to ?

Right now we’re working on a redesign for IOL Industrial Design website. We’re taking the good and the bad from their previous websites and we rebuild them with usability and small devices in mind. We’re also working on the website for the awesome app Playground from the no less awesome collective Herrmutt Lobby. Finally, we’re crafting an ecommerce platform for the designers at REstore.

Recently, we designed User Interfaces for a medical software for Dim3 and a companion app in an embedded system for CET Power. We also made a mobile app for Quasys Clinical, and we developed a marketplace for tutorials named Tutopix.

Some time ago, we worked for the Walloon Region on an app that helps entrepreneurs and multiple corporate websites.

Want to get in touch ? Say hello@paperpixel.net